THE fall exhibition, before alluded to, took place at the Academy of Music on the 24th, 25th, and 26th September. Our notice was crowded out last month for want of room. We have heretofore spoken of the fitness of the Academy for a horticultural exhibition. It is by far the best place in Brooklyn. The parquette was floored over as usual, and the stage tastefully decorated with bunting. In front of the stage was a tank, in which floated majestically the great Victoria lily. This was sent in by Mr. Bearns of East Brooklyn, who has been very successful in growing this stately plant. The display of ornamental leaved plants was a striking feature of the exhibition. No matter how few their number may be, they never fail to arrest the attention. The collection from B. C. Townsend, Esq., was large and magnificent. His collection is probably not excelled by any in the country. A vase of skeletonized plants from Mr. Platt was a beautiful object, the specimens being admirably prepared. The flowers and pot plants were, on the whole, better than has been usual even at these fine exhibitions; but we have no space for much detail. The collection of fruit was large, as was to have been expected after such a season as we have had; but a great deal of it was very fine.

The large exhibitors of Apples were Ellwanger & Barry of Rochester, and W. B. Smith of Syracuse. Pears were plentiful, the largest collections being from Ellwanger & Barry, Gabriel Marc, P. T. Quinn, etc. Among grapes, Mr. Fuller led off with some twenty varieties of natives, and Mr. Mace came in, too late for competition, with some very beautiful Delawares. Messrs. Egan, McMillan, and others, showed very fine foreign grapes. This was, in many respects, the Society's best exhibition. The attendance was fair, but how far it was remunerative we can not say. We hope, however, that the results of this exhibition have not been discouraging. We should learn with mortification that there is not in Brooklyn enough true taste and refinement to support a Horticultural Society. The list of prises is omitted for want of space.