For the next few years this will be the most popular plant among the fancy variegated-leaved plants, because it is, like Isolepis gracilis, everybody's plant; a plant for the queen's drawing-room, and which will also do for the rooms and windows of all her majesty's subjects in the British isles; likewise for their rock gardens, wilderness dingles, and all fancy works in roots, stones, and all manner of rustic work. That is to say, provided it is kept on short commons at the roots, and not too much exposed to the sun; but above all, that every slug, and snail, and nibbling creature, within its reach, be caught and "killed as dead as a hammer, "before the plant is risked out of doors.

But it is as a pot plant, and a trade plant in pots, that it will be most valuable and valued. It will be in Covent Garden Market this time next year at sixpence a pot, as sure as my name is Donald; there is no reason to prevent Farfujium grande from becoming a "state plant" in the markets of Great Britain and Ireland, in less than two years from the time it was sold for from two to three guineas a plant. - Cottage Gardener.

Farfugium Grande #1

Much the largest and finest specimen of this ornamental-leaved plant that we have yet seen is in the grounds of Mr. Saxton at Orange. The leaves are some six inches in diameter, beautifully spotted with pale yellow. It has three very stout flower-stalks but the flowers are destitute of beauty. It will be a very popular plant, if it proves to be quite hardy. Mr. Saxton purposed lifting it, but we have advised him to let it remain where it is, in order further to test its hardiness.