The Ohio Farmer, published at Cleveland, Ohio, has commenced a series of articles, detailing the experiments of two physicians of that place, on the propagation and rearing of fish artificially. The speckled trout, (Salmo fontinalis,) has been successfully operated on. The details are similar to the French method, but popularly treated; these gentlemen will have the merit of introducing the art among us.

The Ohio Agricultural College has been permanently located at Cleveland, under favorable auspices.

The Scientific American, published in New York, commenced its ninth volume on the 15th of September last This periodical has, as it deserves to have, a good reputation and a large circle of readers. It is altogether creditable to the age and our country; and its success is a proof among a thousand others of the increased education of our people; the Scientific American is read here by a class of intelligent working men, whose compeers abroad never see anything of the kind worth perusal. Success to all such enterprises. Munn & Company, 128 Fulton street, New York, are the publishers, (weekly,) at two dollars per annum.