The Seedsmen have vied with each other this spring, in attractive covers and illustrated interiors to their gaily-decorated Catalogues.

Vick's New Catalogue is resplendent with all the colors of the calendar, presenting a unique and ornamental appearance. The frontispiece is a sketch of a new Japanese Cocksoomb.

Bliss' Seed Catalogue is portly, with valuable contents and a mine of floral and gardening lore. It contains nearly 200 pages of the most condensed matter, crowded with numerous illustrations, and every page surrounded by an ornamental border in characteristic keeping with the articles mentioned on same page. Quite a number of new illustrations of cyclamens, gourds, vegetables, rustic work, new plants and flowers are introduced, and the exterior is embellished with a new and very handsome Title. It contains the most matter of any Seed Catalogue issued in America.

Wood & Hall, of Geneva, N. Y„ issue a very pretty Floral Catalogue, printed in the neatest manner on tinted paper, with appropriate cover and interior illustrations. This young and enterprising house deserve credit for their taste and energy, and should receive encouragement.

Briggs* New Catalogue, issued by Briggs & Brother, Rochester, N. Y., has several novelties in the way of illustrations. The cover we do not understand, we cannot describe - it is beyond our powers of description. It is gold, and gilt, and goddess, and brown, and bronze, and black, flowers, screens and pedestals, all sketched in a way we have never seen before; while the last page somewhat resembles the title of a Japanese Bible. Throwing all humor aside (for we like the firm; its reliability, and good character and enterprise are beyond question), the interior of the Catalogue is equal to the best issued by American seedsmen. The colored plate of the new Cockscomb' is really, a beauty; so also the plate of Verbena, a novel form of colored plate, with pink and other colors on a black ground; also the engravings of the numerous chromos are well executed.

Henry A. Dreer issues bis Catalogue in usual style, introducing novelties and some new illustrations.

Peter Hendtrson & Co. were the first this year, we believe, in their issue of their Catalogues. They contain illustrated frontispieces, in colors, of the new Amaranthus Salicifol'us, and a largo number of well-arranged pages of flower and vegetable seeds. We are informed that their business has prospered most gratifyingly since removal to their new location in Cortlandt street.