The new seed Catalogues of Messrs. Henderson & Fleming, are unusually well printed, while the size has been doubled, and the number of illustrations have been largely increased.

The Plant Catalogue of Mr. Henderson is the richest of its class in the country, and exceedingly profuse in its engravings.

The Catalogue of J. M. Thorburn & Co. has also reached us, being of a neat, dainty, tasteful appearance, printed on tinted paper.

New Catalogues #1

Messrs. T. C. Maxwell & Co. have issued a new Catalogue of ornamental trees with new illustrations of the Weeping Birch and Austrian Pine. Messrs J. S. Downer & Son, Fair view, Ky., have issued a very dainty Catalogue of fruits, containing a steel plate engraving of Mr. Downer. It is quite tasteful, and the only Catalogue we have ever seen thus richly embellished with steel engravings.

New Catalogues #2

Among the newer Catalogued of special excellence is that of Hoopes Bros., and Thomas, of Westchester. Pa., and containing a very fine illustrated description of ornamental trees and shrubs, very neatly printed, and valuable for reference. George Baker, of Toledo, 0., also issues an illustrated catalogue of 60 pages, containing 16 full page engravings.