Mr. Paul Kane, of Toronto, Canada, gives an account of his travels among the Chinook Indians of the northwest coast of America. He states that the only vegetables in use there are the Camas and Wappattoo - the former, a bulbous root, resembling an onion In outward appearance, but more like the potato when cooked, and very good eating. The Wappattoo is somewhat similar, but larger, and not so dry or delicate in its flavor. They are found in immense quantities, and hare bright, ultramarine blue flowers. What a pity Mr. Paul Kane cannot tell us what they are.

Mr. Editor: I was much pleased with the picture of an aviary you lately promulgated. If birds in confinement only would not die, and thus satisfy us they were happy and contented, I should be very apt to keep them by hundreds; but sad experience in losing my pets, has told me to keep only the saucy and hardy in confinement. Parrots are now my hobby, and, after two years' trial, I hare not lost one out of twenty. The accompanying parrot-house might very well be combined with a vinery, where, under the shadow of purple grapes, a number of variegated (tulip) parrots might find sufficient room to be saucy and happy. The design is in the Moorish style. Sashes or trellis-work, made to fit accurately, would render it secure in winter. A collection of parrots and paroquets, would have a splendid effect in such a building, and give it a truly Oriental appearance. Figaro.