J. (Philadelphia.) Your border must not be less than 14 feet vide and 2 1/2 feet deep. If the sub-soil is porous, so that it drair that will answer; If clayey, you must make the border three inches lower, filling the bottom with brick-bats and oyster-shells, and cutting a drain from the lowest side of the border, to carry off the wet. Taking It for granted that the natural soil, where the border Is to be made, is a good loam, let your border be composed as follows; One-half loam, one-fourth stable manure, one-eighth broken oyster-shells and bones, and one eighth decomposed vegetable mailer - such as decayed leaves from the woods, decomposed black earth from swamps, or sods chopped up. To a border of this kind, 25 feet long, add a cart-load of leached wood ashes, and a peck of plaster of Paris. The whole should be mixed very thoroughly together. The best three or four sorts for a cold vinery, arc the following - Black Hamburgh, Muscat of Alexandria, Royal Muscadine, Grizzly Frontingnan.