In this number is published a handsome illustration of a basket of ferns of rare character. It is modeled after one illustrated in The Gardener's Chronicle last year. It is constructed of wire, from such as is found at the store of any* dealer in wire or horticultural goods. The entire interior is filled with moist moss, except the centre, which contains some earth. At the bottom of this earth is a sponge, to prevent dripping (perhaps it would be advisable to substitute a small basin). The basket is filled with Ferns and Smilax. The varieties of Ferns most suitable for culture in hanging baskets are the Maidenhair Fern (though it spreads pretty widely), Athyrium, Polypodium vulgare, Asplenium flaccideum, Pteris terrulata. Such a list is easily supplied by any florist, with many other valuable additions, but we would confine the plants to one class only, viz., Ferns. We know no plant so durable or requiring so little care, and yet able to live in any position (as long as they are watered), like Ferns. We would be justified in naming them the Window Gardener's Live-for-Ever,