R. S. Elliott, the great Kansas tree planter, gives'the following directions for starting certain forest trees:

The white ash can be grown from seed planted in drills, and then cultivated, thinning out by cutting or transplanting. Plant the seed either in spring or fall. If kept over, it should be wintered in sand and slightly dampened.

The Cottonwood, for large quantities, is best grown from cuttings. Cut in one foot lengths, and bury in moist, but not wet earth, and set -out in the spring.

The Honey locust: Keep the pods till spring, in a dry and cool place, if not convenient to plant in the fall. If planted in spring, the seeds must be immersed in warm water, to soften the horny shell. If planted in the' fall this is not necessary; but some may not grow till the second year.

Basswood or linden seed can be sown when ripe, or kept in damp sand till spring, most of which will germinate the first season. The seedlings can be readily transplanted.