In selecting varieties of hardy annuals, seek rather a few of those that bloom freely and grow vigorously, than to make your collection one of varieties. Very little satisfactory effect can be obtained from a great variety, many of them possessing no distinctive character or color, however pretty and curious they may be to the botanist. Large masses of a few sorts and of distinct colors, white, crimson, etc., such as candytufts, phlox Drummondi, etc., will give, are very effective either in small gardens or on extensive lawns.

A cheap hot-bed frame will hold a great many cuttings, which may be grown for bedding out, and make gay the garden all summer at a very small cost aside from a little daily care. Prepare the bed in the ordinary manner for growing of early kitchen garden stuff; let the rank heat escape - or, rather, leave it a week or so, until it becomes sweet in its regular warmth; then procure a few good bushy plants from a commercial gardener; make up the cuttings and plant them in sandy soil. Shade for a time, but give air and avoid too much moisture, as it is liable to create mildew and cause the cuttings to damp off.