The increasing interest felt in gardening and fruit operations I have sometimes thought may yet become so great that information thereon may hereafter be considered of as much value as some of the items registered so carefully and at so great expense by our newspapers. Who cares to know that Bill Johnson was hung at Tuscumbia jail yesterday at twelve o'clock, or to learn who was present at the terrible scene? Is it important that we should know in such a hurry that Ann Jobson hung herself in Buffalo last evening, or that a lady presented her husband with four babies yesterday at St. Louis.

Let us instead have a Horticultural Telegraph, that will tell us what climate produced the finest Strawberries and from whence we are this year to expect our full supply of fruits. The contrast would be something like the following; let the numerous readers of the Horticulturist decide which kind of information would please them most: -

By Magnetic Telegraph for the Daily Newsblower. Tuscumbia, Al., June 10. - Bill Johnson was hung to day in the jail yard at twelve o'clock. The Mayor and his aids with a number of respectable citizens witnessed the ceremony. The rope broke twice and the sufferer lingered half an hour.