One of the most interesting plants at present in flower here is the Pampas Gross of Brazil, (Gynerium argenteum) a good specimen of which is growing in the American garden, near its entrance. This plant has 12 flower stems, each some 8 feet long, about the thickness of the thumb, and surmounted by an erect panicle of inflorescence at least 18 inches in length, which beneath bright sunshine looks like a beautiful light-colored feather spangled with silver; the panicle is in the form of that of the beautiful Arundo phragmites. The leaves, which are some 7 or 8 feet long, with a hard flinty skin, grow in tussocks, which, in situations at all favorable, soon acquire a large size; when in flower, certainly few plants are more striking or magnificent in appearance than this gigantic Grass, which being perfectly hardy, will be found to be a great acquisition to the ornamental grounds of this country. - London Gardener' Chronicle.

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