The annual meeting of this Society was held at the Court House, in Rochester, on Monday, the 11th ult., W. A. Reynolds, the President of the Society, in the chair.

The following officers of the previous year were nominated, and unanimously re-elected: President - W. A. Reynolds. Vice-Presidents - H. N. Langworthy, D. C. Green leaf, N. Hayward, John F. Bush, Jas. Upton, and Asa Rows. Corresponding Secretary - -!!. E. Hooker. Treasurer - J. W. Watts. C. W. Seelve was nominated and elected Recording Secretary.

Mr. Barry presented a notice from the President of the American Pomological Society, proposing the 30th day of September next for the commencement of the Semi-Annual Exhibition of that Society, which is to be held in Rochester. A Dumber of gentlemen thought a week earlier than the time proposed would be more convenient for those residing in the Northern and Western States, who would be likely to be present.

The following resolution offered by Mr. Barry was passed: -

Resolved, That this Society would suggest the 23d of September for the opening of the American Pomological Society, provided this be consistent with previous appointments of like nature.

The chair appointed a committee of ten to make arrangements for the meeting of the American Pomological Society, as follows: L. A. Ward, Hon. John Williams, James H. Watts, D. D. T. Moore, James P. Fogg, Joseph Frost, George Ellwanger, Isaac Hills, H. E. Hooker, C. W. Seelye.

On motion of Joseph Frost, the President of the Society, W. A. Reynolds was added to the Committee. C. W. Seelve, Sec'y.