J. Jay Smith, Esq. - As doubtless you feel interested in every thing passing round you, horticulturally, we take pleasure in informing you, that we have just succeeded in organizing a Horticulturist Society in this village. At the preliminary meeting, F. W. Gil ley, Esq., of West Morrisania was chosen President, pro tern, and Wm. H. Wilcocx, Esq., the originator, Secretary. Great enthusiasm prevailed, and it was declared most emphatically, that it was desirable and feasible to establish a society on proper principles.

A grand September Exhibition is proposed, which will beyond doubt be a success, especially as most of our substantial residents have taken great interest in the matter. The name of the society is the " Horticultural Society Of Morrisania".

Respectfully, Jeffreys, Jr.

Morrisania, July 20,1858.

Horticultural Society Of Morrisania #1

This young Society, we learn from the Secretary, Mr. Willcox, recently held a meeting, at which they elected their officers, and appointed the 3d and 4th of October for their Fall Exhibition. David Milliken was elected President, and W. W. Fox, Adrian Janes, C. Moger, E. L. Anderton, and Benjamin M. Whit-lock, Vice-Presidents. William H. Willcox, Recording Secretary, J. L. Parshall, Treasurer, and James Stillman, Librarian. We, it seems, were elected Corresponding Secretary, though we have beard nothing of it yet At the rate at which they are "doing us up," we shall next exto hear that we have been made R. S. or something else of the Horticultural Society Of the Sandwich Islands. It would be just as convenient.