The friends of Horticulture held a meeting at the Stuy-vesant Institute, on the 22d March, for the purpose of forming a Horticultural Society. On motion, R L. Pell was appointed Chairman, and George W. Curtis, Secretary. It was resolved that the Society be known as " The Horticultural Society Of the City of New-York," and a constitution and a code of by-laws were adopted. The committee appointed at a previous meeting to select officers for the ensuing year, reported the following, and they were unanimously chosen:

President - Archibald Russell. Vice-Presidents - William H. C. Waddell, William A. Haynes, Nicholas R. Anthony and Sheppard Knapp. Rec. Secretary - George W. Curtis. Cor. Secretary - Peter B. Mead. Treasurer - William W. Crane.

Mr. Russell declining to act as President, the committee asked further time to enable them to make a suitable selection. A committee of five was appointed to make out a list of premiums to be awarded at an exhibition, which it is proposed to hold about the 20th of May. Many of our first citizens have already enrolled their names on the list of members of the Society, and there is every reason to believe that the movement will be successful. - N. Y. Times.

The Chester County Horticultural Society held its first monthly meeting for the year 1852, on 20th March, at which time the following named officers were elected for the ensuing year: -

President - Washington Townbend Vice-President* - Paschall Morris, Ziba Darlington. Treasurer - John Marshall. Cor. Secretary - Joseph P. Wilson. Rec. Secretary-Isaac D. Pyle.

Jonathan C. Baldwin, the late President, having declined a re-election, a resolution of thanks was voted, complimentary of the man-ner in which he had discharged the duties of his office.