We are indebted to Mr. Parvin for a copy of his excellent journal, and extract from it the following "miscellaneous remarks," which give some idea of the climate of Iowa:

Lowest temperature, January 19th, - 28°. Highest, July 28th, 94°. Range of temperature 117.

Lowest height of Barometer, Feb. 24th, 28.75 inches. Thermometer (attached,) 40°. Greatest height of barometer, March 2d, 30.60 inches. Thermometer 21°. Range of barometer, 1.85. Mean height, 29.55.

Mississippi closed December 18th, opened February 24th. Closed 70 days: last year 22.

First frost, September 26th; last, May 20th. Cherry flowered May 9th, Apple and Peach, May 10th.

Total quantity of rain in inches, 58.7; 18.7 less than in 1851.

March 16th, hail storm P. M. In one hour preceding 3 P. M, the thermometer fell from 53° to 24". On the 29th, at 9 A. M., for one hour it was very dark, (fowls retired to their roosts,) followed by rain, with thunder and lightning.

April 1st, ice one inch thick; and on the 4th a heavy sleet, very destructive to fruit buds.

September 26th, ice 1/8th inch thick.

November 19th. The only clear day in the month, and none for a month preceding and following it, and none in the month of December.

December 15th. From 2 to 3 P. M. the thermometer fell from 42° to 22°.

The Farmer's Companion and Horticultural Gazette is the title of a new monthly journal published in Detroit, Mich. Edited by Charles Fox and Charles Betts. Linus Cone Corresponding Editor. J. C. Holmes Editor of the Horticultural Department. Price 50 cents a year. This is the second agricultural monthly in Detroit - a good indication of the prospects of rural art in Michigan. We wish it ample support.

The Western Horticultural Review, for January and February is on our table. Published in the wine-making section of the country, on this subject the Review is particularly interesting. Its editor, Dr. Warder, has done much to call attention to our native wine.

Published at Cincinnati, by John A. Warder, M. D. $3 a year.

The "Country Gentleman," Mr. Tucker's new weekly journal "for the Farm, the Garden and the Fire-side," is issued in beautiful style, and ably conducted. It is an excellent family paper, well deserving a place at the fire-side. $2 a year.

The Florist and Horticultural Journal for January is received. It is published at Philadelphia; edited by H. C. Hanson. The matter in this journal is good, but the publisher has hardly done it justice. Monthly, at $2 a year.