The above is the title of a book of 152 pages, published by Orange Judd & Co., New York, commencing with a calendar for monthly operations in the orchard and garden. The pages embody valuable tables and articles upon various horticultural subjects, many of them profusely illustrated. Occupying an entire new field, its editor has had an opportunity to gather matter covering a wide range of items, and embracing some of the best writers in the country. Most of these writers have performed their work admirably, but some have gone back to record as new, varieties and practices that have been many years before the public; especially is this apparent in the chapter, "New Apples of 1800," where some kinds figured and described fifteen, or more, years since, are brought forward as of late introduction, while sorts introduced and newly figured the past year are omitted. The list and brief description of grapes is good, and of great interest at this present time; so also is the chapter on pears, which bears evidence of judgment and decision, formed only on the merits of the fruit from personal observation.

The chapter on " Rarer Evergreens," that on bedding out plants, and that on garden vegetables, will prove of great interest to all, and especially to . those just commencing new places; while to the older pomologist or florist the index to the published illustrations of new fruits, flowers, or plants will be of great value.

The American Agricultural Annual. Orange Judd & Co., publishers, 41 Park Row, New York. This is a companion to the " Horticultural Annual," and although designed particularly for the farmer, there is much in it of value to all engaged in labors of the garden or orchard. The article on Drainage is especially valuable to the orchardist; and every man who grows wheat should read what is here written upon that subject. The construction of Barns, Breaking and Training Horses, Feeding Poultry, Varieties of Potatoes, etc., are among other valuable articles embraced in its pages, and valuable to every resident of the country Gardening for Profit. By Peter Henderson. Published by Orange Judd & Co., New York. Price $1 50. The author of this work is a practical and sue-cessful market gardener near New York. His work is written in a plain, brief, comprehensive manner, and may be commended as of value, to be read not only by the market gardener, but also by all who attempt vegetable growing on the smallest scale. The estimates of the amount of one's man's labor, the amount of capital required, and the prospect of success will doubtless be regarded by the inexperienced as too strongly put, but such persons will only need one season of experience to learn their truth.

We hope the publishers will find for the book a ready sale, as it is one of really great practical value.

The Illustrated Horticulturist Almanac for 1867 contains a calendar of operations in the Orchard, Vineyard, Farm, Garden, and Green-house for every month in the year. Printed on fine paper, postpaid, ten cents; per dozen, sixty cents. Published at this office.

We shall publish about the 25th March, Woodward's Record of Horticulture for 1866, edited by Andrew 8. Puller, author of "The Forest Tree and Grape Culturist." This work will be entirely original, and with original illustrations prepared expressly for it. It will be printed on fine calendered paper, and published in the best style. Morocco cloth, deep gold title, and beveled edges, price one dollar, post-paid. It will contain articles upon the following subjects: New Books on Horticulture; Review of Horticulture; Women in Horticulture; Men in Horticulture ; Grape Culture; Small Fruit Culture; Ornamental Plants (illustrated) ; The Lily, description of, with method of culture and propagation (illustrated) ; Gladiolus, cultivation and propagation (illustrated) ; Annuals, cultivation of; Hardy Herbaceous Plants (illustrated); Hardy Deciduous Shrubs; The Dalhia (illustrated); The Clematis (illustrated); Curious-leaved Plants (illustrated); Ornamental Gardening (illustrated), etc., etc.