"We have received a copy of this journal, and extract from it the following miscellaneous remarks:

Lowest temperature, Feb. 8th, - 11°; highest, Aug. 11th, 02°. Range of temperature, 103°.

Lowest height of barometer, Feb. 28th, 28.86 inches. Thermometer (attached) 88° Greatest height of barometer, Nov. 24th, 80.00 inches. Thermometer (attached) 42°. Range of barometer, 1.64 inches. Mean height, 29.577 inches.

Mississippi opened Feb. 25th. Number of days closed, 69 - one less than in 1852.

Last frost in the spring, May 25th; first in the fall, September 10th.

Peach flowered May 8d; Cherry, May 1st; Apple, May 8th; Plum, May 8d; Pear, May 6th.

Total quantity of rain in inches, 48.3 - 15.4 inches less than in 1852.


River very low until the last of this month. Heavy rains set in on the 11th, and from 2.5 to 8.5 inches fell on three occasions in twelve hours, and 11.8 inches during the month.


On the 18th, between 2 and 4 o'clock A M., 8.5 inches water felL.


Ice on the 2d of this month.

Fruit of all kinds in abundance this year, and an abundant harvest More sickness, but less fatality, this summer than usual.