At a late meeting of the "Chester County Horticultural Society" the following named persons were elected officers for the ensuing year:

JOHN RUTTER, Esq., President JaMEs H. Ball, Esq., and Dr. Geo. Thomas, Vice Presidents. Josiah llooras, Recording Secretary, Jos. P. Wilson, Esq., Corresponding Secretary. John Marshall, Treasurer.

Chester County Horticultural Society #1

The stated meeting for July was held la the Society's Hall, on the 12th inst., Vice-President J. H. Bull, Baa., presiding.

Plants And Flowers

From the collection of Josish Hoopes, viz: Ten specimen plants of Gloxinias: Begonia parviflora, B. ianeolata, B. Prestoniensls, Rnellla formosa, Russellia junces, Cissus discolor, Torrents asiatica, Centradenia florabunda, Nepenthos dlstillatorins, Lycopodium arborenm, L. denticulatum, Hoys bella, Echites picts, E. Nutans, Acrosttcblum alcicorno. New. - Fuchsia Mrs. Story and Prince Albert, Cephalotus follicularis, Geraniums amazon, and golden chain.

From J. L. Darlington & Go. Fine plant of Fuchsia Empress Eugenia, and a splendid collection of seedling double Hollyhocks. Also, a handsome bouquet.


From J. & H. Bennett's. Red and purple Antwerp and common black Raspberries, red Dutch and black Naples Currants, Kentish, and two seedling varieties of Cherries.

From J. H. Bull's. Orange, Red Antwerp, and Cashing Raspberries.

From S. P. Hoopoe's. Franconia Raspberries.

From M. B. Thomas's. Three varieties of Gooseberries.

From Josiah Hoopoe's. Raspberries, vis: River's Monthly, Knevett's Giant, Fastolff, Orange, Hudson River Antwerp, Franconia, Cashing, River's Antwerp, Common Red Antwerp, Vice-President French, Ohio Everbearing, Col. Wilder, Thunderer, and Common Black.

Troth's early Red Peaches (forced), and Red Dutch Currants.

Two gentlemen were elected members.