One of our exchanges says: In the public mind there is some confusion in regard respective mission Wns of horticulture and agriculture. A recent writer has per case this way : Horticulture does not begin where agriculture ends; but one take its start from our necessities. We are to get our bread by the sweat of our brow. The other starts from our mental life, and goes down to meet our physical wants as represented by farm culture. Be this as it may, horticulture, even in this transcendent sense is a great aid to agriculture. The principles of plant-life; the sciences connected with culture; thousands of little experiments connected with great practical results, are much more likely to originate in the garden than on the farm, and for which the farm is largely the debtor. To a certain sense agriculture acknowledges its indebtedness to its intelligent sister, for while the horticultural exhibition rarely condescends to include objects of pure farm-life, the agricultural fair takes in all fruits, flowers and ornamental garden work.