It has often occurred to us that the usual method of picking and sending Strawberries to the table is by no means the best that could be devised. In taking off the stems and calyx the berries are much bruised, and their appearance by no means improved. In the case of small berries, there may be some excuse for removing the calyx, but all large berries should be placed on the table with the calyx and a portion of the stem. They should be eaten one at a time, and each person allowed to apply sugar and cream or not, to suit his taste. We hope to see the day when Strawberries will be grown with such a happy combination of flavor and sweetness, that no auxiliary in the form of sugar will be needed to make them palatable; sugar, indeed, smothers and destroys the natural flavor of the fruit We already have berries sufficiently large to fill any mouth of decent dimensions. In regard to marketing, there can be little doubt that berries with the calyx on will sell more readily than others; they can certainly be sent to market in better condition.