A specimen of this new, greenhouse, herbaceous plant, exhibited by Mr. Veitch, at the last meeting of the Horticultural Society, received a Silver Knightian Medal, in testimony of its singular beauty and horticultural value. It forms a tuft of fleshy or tuberous stems, about a foot high, of a deep purple color, concealed by numerous narrow, deep-green leaves, from among the uppermost of which appear great numbers of flowers in general form like those of any other Balsam, but of a brilliant brick-red, relieved by yellow and green. The red belongs to a large, bag-shaped, curved pouch, which hangs down in front of the flower-stalk; the yellow and green, confined to the small sepals and petals, form a helmet-shaped body, which seems to terminate the pouch. The figure in the Botanical Magazine was taken from a very ill-colored specimen. It will no doubt propagate easily by cuttings, if not by seed, and can not fail to be a universal favorite. Mr. M'Ivor sent the tuberous stems from the Neilgherry garden, at Ootacamund, to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where it first flowered in June, 1852. - London Gardeners' Chronicle.