A correspondent from Germantown, Ohio, writes us as follows:

"There has been a man here, taking orders for the Northern Muscadine Grape, at $3 per plant He has a showy handbill, with a drawing of said Grape, representing it to be as large and showy as the Concord, and earlier and better than any Grape in cultivation. He is also selling the Augusta Rose at $8 per plant, and describes it as a constant bloomer, very hardy, a strong grower, covering a veranda or front of a medium-sized house in one season, and making a display of flowers that will continue the whole season through. He is also selling Peach trees as being worked on imported stocks of a kind exempt from the attacks of the Borer or Peach-Worm; and Apple trees which he asserts are grafted so low that the graft takes root; that then the trees are taken up, the remaining portion of the stock or old root cut away, and the trees replanted. Now this is all deception; and yet, strange as it may appear, many people are induced to believe these false representations".

This fellow undoubtedly believes that the fools are not all dead yet.