With the new year The Homestead has put on a new dress, which we like better than the old one. It is now published in the octavo form, with twenty-four pages of matter instead of sixteen. The price remains* the same, and the contents, if anything, are better than ever. See our clubbing list.

The Homestead #1

We learn that the Homestead has again passed into the hands of our good friend Mr. Weld, as publisher and editor. He is too well known to need any commendation from us. We wish him all manner of success.

The Homestead #2

We had learned, with deep regret, that the Homestead was to be discontinued, but deferred making the announcement, in the hope that some means would be found to continue its publication. In this we have been disappointed. It has now been merged in the Agriculturist. The Homestead has always been a favorite with us, and we shall miss it with its well-stored pages. That there should be any necessity for suspending such a valuable paper, with such an able and genial-hearted editor as Mr. Weld, is a sad comment on the times in which we live.