Once more, the publisher asks the friends of The Horticulturist to assist him and it in good words and faithful endeavors. Every one of its present readers knows it has been vastly improved since it came into the present hands; in reading matter it has been filled with popular, useful, practical and dignified literature ; it has been printed with taste; its illustrations have been tasteful, and increasing constantly in excellence and numbers, until now, we think, no one will dispute our claim that it is the best and most abundantly illustrated horticultural journal in the country. Among later improvements worth mention, is the introduction of Tinted Frontispieces in every number, with superior printing, and at the same time, notwithstanding these increased attractions and efforts to please our readers, its subscription price has been reduced, both yearly and in clubs. Has not the publisher done his best ? Do not our readers think it is worth some effort and good word or work of appreciation from them?

Bring in the new subscribers and clubs - old friends, renew every name. and promptly. Say a good word for it among your neighbors, and bring in the new names freely. By special notice elsewhere, we have announced that, on and after this date, the subscription price will be reduced to 82 per annum to all paying strictly in advance. For the coming year, we will be able to give richer and more tasteful illustrations than ever, while the literary matter will be as fresh, pleasant, practical and entertaining as ever.