The very best advice that can possibly be given to persons of either sex, of any age, and in any condition of life, can be summed up in three words:

Preserve your Health.

From no other publication can you gain so much valuable information relative to the Laws of Life and the restoration and preservation of Health, as from The Hygienic Teacher.

In it the true nature of disease, together with its rational and proper treatment, is fully explained and set forth, while one of the principal objects is to teach HOW TO KEEP WELL.

But while it is intended to treat principally of disease, its nature, cause, effect, and remedy, on Physiological principles, we shall endavor to render it VALUABLE AND ACCEPTABLE TO ALL, by interspersing its columns with such miscellaneous matter as will be interesting and instructive, so that aside from its valuable medical information, it will be found A DESIRABLE FAMILY JOURNAL.

The Hygienic Teaches and Water-Cube Journal will be printed on good paper, in a beautiful quarto form, suitable for binding, and published on the first of each month, for ONE DOLLAR A YEAR, IN ADVANCE.

Five Copies............................$4 00

Ten Copies...............................7 00


FOWLER & WELLS, Dec. 308 Broadway, New York.