Pearmain. See Winter Pearmain.

Pearson's Plate, d.—Small, roundish, and flattened. Skin greenish yellow, red next the sun. Eye open and shallow. Stalk half an inch long. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, crisp, juicy, and sugary, with a fine brisk flavour. A first-rate dessert fruit. December to March.

Pennington's Seedling, d.—Medium sized, flat, and slightly angular. Skin covered with yellow russet, pale brown next the sun. Stalk long, thick, and set in a wide, irregular cavity. Eye with long segments, shallow. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, and highly flavoured. No-vember to March.

Phillipps' Reinette. See Court of Wick.

Piles' Russet, d.—Rather large, irregular. Skin pale green, and covered with thick russet. Stalk short. Eye closed. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, sugary, and aromatic. March and April.

Pineapple Russet, d.—Above medium size, roundish ovate, and angular. Skin greenish yellow, dotted with white spots on one side, and covered with thick yellowish russet on the other. Stalk an inch long. Eye small, set in a shallow, plaited basin. Flesh pale yellow, crisp, very juicy, tender, with a highly aromatic perfume. One of the best dessert apples. September and October.

Pinner Seedling, d. (Carel's Seedling). — Medium sized, roundish ovate, and slightly angular. Skin greenish yellow, nearly covered with russet, and with a reddish-brown cheek next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, crisp, juicy, sugary, and brisk. December to April.

Pitmaston Nonpaeeil, D. (Russet Coat Nonpareil).— Medium sized, flat, compressed at the ends. Skin dull green, covered with a thin yellow russet, with a faint red next the sun. Stalk short. Eye open, large, and placed in a broad, shallow, and irregularly plaited cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, and richly aromatic. November and December.

Pomme Grise, d.—Small, roundish, or ovate. Skin russety, with a brownish-red tinge on the side next the sun. Eye small and open. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, tender, crisp, juicy, sugary, and aromatic. October to February.

Portugal. See Reinette du Canada.

Potter's Large. See Kentish Fill Basket.

Powell's Russet, d.—Small, roundish, flat at the ends. Skin yellowish green, and russety. Stalk short and slender. Eye small. Flesh pale yellow, rich, and aromatic. November to January.

Princess Noble. See Golden Reinette. Princess Noble Zoete. See Court-pendu Plat. Queen's Apple. See Borsdorffer.