Oldaker's New. See Alfriston.

Old Maid's. See Knobbed Russet.

Orange Pippin. See Isle of Wight Pippin.

Ord's Apple, d.—Medium sized, conical, with promi-nent and unequal ribs, forming ridges round the eye. Skin smooth and shiny, light green and with pale brownish red next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk short. Flesh tender, crisp, and brittle; very juicy, vinous, and perfumed. An excellent dessert apple. January to May.

Oslin, d. (Arbroath Pippin, Mother Apple).—Medium sized, roundish, flattened. Skin green, changing to lemon yellow, dotted with greyish-green specks. Stalk thick and short. Eye in a shallow, plaited basin. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, and highly aromatic. One of the best summer apples. August.

Owen's Golden Beauty. See Joanneting.

Ox Apple. See Gloria Mundi.

Oxford Peach. See Scarlet Pearmain.