Nanny, d. — Medium sized, roundish, angular and ribbed round the eye. Skin greenish yellow, streaked with crimson, and often with a deep red cheek. Eye open. Stalk short. Flesh yellow, soft, and tender, juicy, sugary, and with the Ribston Pippin and Margil flavours. A first-rate dessert apple. In use in October, but soon becomes mealy.

Nelson Codlin, k.d. (Nelson).—Large and handsome, of a conical or oblong shape. Skin of a uniform rich yellow, and covered with rather large dark dots. Eye open, set in a deep, plaited, irregular basin. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish white, delicate, tender, juicy, and sugary. A valuable apple for the kitchen or even the dessert. Season from September to January.

Neverfail. See Margil.

New Nonpareil. See Early Nonpareil.

Newtown Pippin', d. — Medium sized, roundish, rather irregular, and obscurely ribbed. Skin dull green, changing to olive green when ripe, with a brownish blush next the sun. Eye small and closed, set in a shallow basin. Stalk short, slender, and deeply set. Flesh greenish white, tender, juicy, and crisp, with a fine aroma. Requires a wall in this country. December to April.

New York Gloria Mundi. See Gloria Mundi.

Nonesuch, k.d.—Medium sized, round, and flattened. Skin greenish yellow, striped with dull red next the sun. Stalk short and slender. Eye small, set in a wide, shallow basin. Flesh white, tender, and pleasantly sub-acid. September and October.

Nonpareil, d. (Hunt's Nonpareil, Lovedon's Pippin) —Rather below medium size, roundish, slightly ovate. Skin greenish yellow, with pale russet, and brownish. Red next the sun. Stalk long and slender. Eye small, set in a narrow, round basin. Flesh greenish white, firm, crisp, and richly flavoured. A first-rate dessert apple. January to May.

Norfolk Bearer, k.—About medium size, roundish, angular round the eye. Skin green, with a yellowish tinge on the shaded side, but covered with dark crimson next the sun. Eye small and slightly open. Stalk half an inch long, slender. Flesh greenish, tender, crisp, with a brisk and agreeable flavour. Tree a great bearer. December and January.

Norfolk Beefing, k. (Catshead Beefing, Read's Baker).—Large, round, flat at the ends. Skin green, and deep red next the sun. Stalk short, fleshy, and deeply inserted. Eye large, set in a deep and irregularly plaited basin. Flesh greenish white, firm, and sub-acid. "Excellent for drying." November to July.

Norfolk Colman. See Winter Colman. Norfolk Pippin. See Adams' Pearmain. Norfolk Storing. See Winter Colman. Normanton Wonder. See Dumelow's Seedling.

Northern Greening, k. {Walmer Court).—Above the medium size, roundish ovate. Skin dull green, brownish red next the sun. Stalk short and thick. Eye small. Flesh greenish white, sub-acid. A first-rate kitchen apple. November to April.

Northern Spy, d.—Large, conical, and angular. Skin yellow on the shaded side, but streaked with crimson on the side next the sun. Stalk three quarters of an inch long, slender. Flesh yellowish white, juicy, rich, and aromatic. An American apple, which ripens well in this country. December to May.

Northwick Pippin. See Blenheim Orange.

Nutmeg Pippin. See Cockle Pippin.