Maclean's Favourite, d.—Medium sized, roundish. Skin yellow. Flesh crisp and richly flavoured, resembling the Newtown Pippin. An abundant bearer, and "of the highest excellence." October to January.

Mammoth. See Gloria Mundi.

Manks Codlin, k. (Irish Pitcher, Frith Pitcher).— Medium sized, conical. Skin pale yellow, flushed with red next the sun. Stalk short and fleshy. Eye shallow. Flesh yellowish white, slightly perfumed. One of the best kitchen apples. September to November.

Mannington's Pearmain, d.—Medium sized, abrupt pearmain-shaped. Skin rich golden yellow, covered with russet, and dull brownish red next the sun. Eye closed. Stalk long. Flesh yellow, firm, crisp, juicy, sugary, and • aromatic. A first-rate late dessert apple. October to March.

Margaret, d. (Early Red Margaret, Eve, Bed Juneat-ing, Striped Juneating, Striped Quarrenden).—Under the medium size, roundish-ovate, narrowing towards the eye. Skin greenish yellow, with deep red stripes on one side. Eye small, closed, and set in a shallow plaited basin. Flesh white, brisk, juicy, and vinous. "One of the best early apples," generally eaten off the tree. August.

Margil, d. (Neverfail).—Small, ovato-conical, slightly angular. Skin orange, streaked and mottled with red next the sun, slightly russety in the shade. Stalk short. Eye small, set in an irregular basin. Flesh yellow, firm, and richly aromatic. November to March.

Megginch Favourite. See Golden Reinette.

Melon Apple, d.—Medium sized, roundish, and nar-rowing a little towards the eye. Skin lemon yellow on, the shaded side, and light crimson next the sun. Eye small and half open. Stalk half an inch long, very slender. Flesh yellowish white, very tender, crisp, juicy, sweet, and vinous, with a delicate perfume. A first-rate American apple, which ripens in this country. December and January.

Mere de Menage, k.—Large, conical. Skin red, streaked with darker red all over, except a little on the shaded side, where it is yellow. Eye sunk in an angular basin. Stalk very stout, inserted in a deep cavity, so much so as to be scarcely visible. Flesh firm, crisp, brisk, and juicy. A valuable and beautiful kitchen apple. In use from October to January.

Milton Golden Pippin. See Golden Pippin.

Minchall Crab, k. (Lancashire Crab).—Large, round, and considerably depressed. Skin dull green on the shaded side, and tinged and striped with dull red on the side next the sun. Eye large and open. Stalk rather short. Flesh white, firm, crisp, and briskly acid. November to March.

Minier's Dumpling, k.—Large, roundish, somewhat flattened, and angular. Skin dark green, covered with dark red next the sun. Stalk an inch long, and stout. Flesh firm, juicy, and sub-acid. November to May.

Monstrous Pippin. See Gloria Mundi.

Morris' Nonpareil Russet, d.—Small, conical, and with the eye placed laterally. Skin green, covered with large patches of russet. Eye small and open. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Flesh greenish, firm, crisp, juicy, sugary, and aromatic. An excellent dessert apple. October to March.

Mother Apple. See Oslin.

Mother Apple, American, d.—Above medium size, conical and angular. Skin deep yellow, but highly coloured, with veins and mottles of crimson. Eye small and closed. Stalk half an inch long, slender. Flesh yellowish white, vey tender, and juicy; crisp, sweet, and with a balsamic flavour. A first-rate American apple, which ripens well in this country. October.

Motteux' Seedling. See Beachamwell.