Thorle Pippin. See Whorle Pippin.

Toker's Incomparable, k.—Large, ovate, broad, and flattened at the base. Skin yellowish green, with a tinge of red next the sun, and a few crimson streaks. Eye large, nearly closed. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, tender, juicy, with a pleasant acid. November to Christmas.

Tower of Glammis, k. (Carse of Gowrie). — Large, conical, and distinctly four-sided. Skin deep sulphur yellow. Eye closed and deeply set. Stalk an inch long, deeply inserted. Flesh greenish white, very juicy, crisp, brisk, and perfumed. November to February.

Transparent Pippin. See Court of Wick.

Travers' Pippin. See Ribston Pippin.

Tulip, d.—Below medium size, ovato-conical. Skin, all over deep red, except on the shaded side, where it is golden yellow. Eye open. Stalk short. Flesh greenish yellow, crisp, juicy, sweet, and sub-acid. November to April.