Wadhurst Pippin, k.—Above medium size, sometimes large, conical, and angular. Skin yellow, and mottled with brownish red on the side next the sun. Eye closed and deeply set. Stalk short and stout. Flesh yellowish, crisp, juicy, and briskly flavoured. October to February.

Walmer Court. See Northern Greening.

Waltham Abbey Seedling. See Golden Noble.

Warter's Golden Pippin. See Golden Pippin.

Warwickshire Pippin. See Wyken Pippin.

Week Pearmain. See Wickham's Pearmain.

Weeks' Pippin. See Court of Wick.

Wellington. See Dumelow's Seedling.

Wheeler's Russet, d.—Medium sized, roundish, com-pressed, and irregular. Skin pale russet in the shade, bright brown next the sun. Stalk short. Eye small. Flesh greenish white, firm, and brisk flavoured. November to April.

White Astrachan, d.—Medium sized, conical. Skin pale yellow, or almost white, with faint streaks of red next the sun. Stalk thick and short. Eye small. Remarkable for the transparency of its flesh. August and September.

White Paradise, d. (Lady's Finger, Egg Apple).— Medium sized, oblong. Skin smooth, fine deep yellow, marked with broken streaks and dots of red. Eye open. Stalk an inch long. Flesh yellowish, tender, crisp, sugary, and pleasantly flavoured. October.

Whoble Pippin, d. (Thorle Pippin).—Below medium size, oblate. Skin smooth, shining, and glossy, entirely covered with fine bright crimson, except where shaded, and then it is clear yellow. Eye large, half open, and frequently rent. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish white, firm, crisp, very juicy, with a pleasant, refreshing flavour. August.

Wickham's Peaemain, d. (Week Pearmain).—Medium sized, conical. Skin yellow, and almost entirely covered with bright red next the sun. Eye half open. Stalk half an inch long. Flesh greenish yellow, tender, crisp, juicy, sugary, and highly flavoured. October to December.

Winter Codlin, k.—Large, conical, five-sided, and ribbed. Skin smooth, yellowish green, and sometimes with a tinge of red next the sun. Eye very large and open. Stalk very short. Flesh greenish white, tender, juicy, sweet, and sub-acid. September to February.

Winter Colman,k. (Norfolk Colman, Norfolk Storing). —Large, round, and much flattened at both ends. Skin pale yellow, spotted with red on the shaded side, and lively red next the sun. Eye small and open. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Flesh firm, crisp, and briskly acid. An excellent culinary apple. From November to March.

Winter Greening. See French Crab.

Winter Majetin, k.—Large, roundish, terminated at the apex by five prominent crowns. Skin green, tinged with dull red on the side next the sun. Eye small and closed, set in a deep, narrow, and angular basin. Stalk long and slender. Flesh greenish white, firm, and of an agreeable acid flavour. This is a very desirable culinary-apple. In season from November to March. The tree is a very prolific bearer.

Winter Pearmain, k.d. (Old Pearmain).— Large, conical, somewhat five-sided towards the crown. Skin smooth and shining; greenish yellow on the shaded side, but covered with deep red and red streaks next the sun. Eye large and open. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy, and sugary, with a brisk and pleasant flavour. December to April.

Winter Strawberry, k.d. — Medium sized, round. Skin yellow, striped with red. Eye prominent, surrounded with plaits. Stalk about an inch long, inserted in a shallow cavity. Flesh yellowish, crisp, juicy, briskly acid, and with a pleasant aroma. November to March.

Winter Quoining, k.d. (Winter Queening).—Medium sized, abrupt-conical, five-sided, and angular at the apex. Skin pale yellow, almost entirely covered with red. Eye small and closed. Stalk half an inch long. Flesh greenish yellow, tender, sweet, and perfumed. November to May.

Wollaton Pippin. Court-pendu Plat.

Wood's Huntingdon. Sec Court of Wick.

Woodstock Pippin. See Blenheim Orange.

Wormsley Pippin, k.d. (Knight's Codlin).—Medium sized, roundish, narrow towards the eye. Skin pale green, becoming deeper towards the sun, and marked with dark specks. Stalk an inch long, deeply set. Eye deeply sunk, placed in a plaited basin. Flesh white, crisp, and highly flavoured. September and October.

Wygers. See Golden Reinette.

Wyken Pippin, d. (Arley, Girkin Pippin, Warwick-shire Pippin).—Small, roundish, and compressed. Skin pale yellowish green, with dull orange next the sun. Stalk short. Eye small. Flesh greenish yellow, tender, very juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. December to April.

Wyker Pippin. See Golden Reinette.

Yellow Harvest. See Early Harvest.

Yorkshire Greening, k. (Coaies Yorkshire Goose Sauce).—Large, roundish, irregular, and flattened. Skin dark green, striped with dull red next the sun. Stalk short and thick. Eye closed. Flesh white, and pleasantly acid. One of the best kitchen apples. October to January.