Sack Apple. See Devonshire Quarrenden.

Sack and Sugar, d.—Below medium size, roundish, inclining to oval, with prominent ridges round the eye. Skin pale yellow, with a few broken streaks of red. Eye large and open. Stalk short. Flesh white, very tender, and juicy, with a brisk and balsamic flavour. Early in August.

St. Helena .Russet. See Reinette du Canada.

Sam Rawlings. See Hoary Morning.

Sam Young, d. (Irish Russet).—Below medium size, roundish, compressed, and regular. Skin bright yellow, with grey russet, and dotted with brown spots on the yellow ground; russety red next the sun. Stalk short. Eye large and open, set in a broad basin. Flesh greenish yellow, tender, juicy, and richly flavoured. November to February.

Sam's Crab. See Longville's Kernel.

Scarlet Nonpareil, d.— Medium sized, roundish, flattened, handsome, and regularly formed. Skin green, tinged with russet; deep red, streaked with brown, next the sun. Stalk long and stout. Eye set in a regular, slightly-plaited, shallow basin. Flesh firm, yellowish white, rich, and juicy. January to March.

Scarlet Pearmain, d. (Bell's Scarlet, Oxford Peach). —Medium sized, conical. Skin deep red, with yellow in the shade; bright crimson next the sun. Stalk long, slender, and deeply set. Eye full and deeply sunk. Flesh white, tinged with pink, juicy, crisp, and pleasant. September to December.

Screveton Golden Pippin, d.—Larger than the old Golden Pippin, and little, if at all, inferior to it in flavour. Skin yellowish, considerably marked with russet. Flesh yellow, and more tender than the old Golden Pippin. December to April.

Scudamore's Crab. See Red-Streak.

Shepherd's Seedling. See Alfriston.

Sir Walter Blackett's, d. (Edinburgh Cluster).— Small, roundish-ovate. Skin pale lemon yellow, very much dotted with pale brown russet and patches of the same, and with a faint orange tinge next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk long, deeply inserted. Flesh white, tender, juicy, and brisk, with a peculiar aroma. A first-rate dessert apple for northern districts. November to January.

Small's Admirable, k.d. — Above medium size, roundish-ovate, and flattened obtusely angular on the sides. Skin of a uniform lemon-yellow colour. Eye small, closed, and set in a rather deep basin. Stalk an inch long, slender. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, sweet, and agreeably acid, with a delicate perfume. November and December.

Somerset Lasting, k.—Large, oblate, and irregular on the sides. Skin pale yellow, streaked and dotted with a little bright crimson. Eye large and open. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, tender, crisp, with a rough acid. October to February.

Sops in Wine, d.—Small, globular, narrow towards the eye. Skin crimson in the shade, stained and striped with purplish crimson next the sun; covered with white bloom. Stalk long and slender. Eye open, set in a shallow basin. Flesh white, stained with pink, firm, crisp, and juicy. October to February.

Speckled Golden Reinette. See Barcelona Pearmain.

Speckled Pearmain. See Barcelona Pearmain,

Spice Apple. See Aromatic Russet.

Springrove Codlin, k.—Medium sized, conical, broad at the base, and narrow at the apex. Skin greenish yellow, tinged with orange on the side next the sun. Eye closed. Stalk short. Flesh greenish yellow, soft, sweet, slightly acid, and agreeably perfumed. An excellent summer kitchen apple. In use from July to October.

Spring Ribston, d. (Baddow Pippin).—Below medium, size, roundish, or rather oblate, ribbed on the sides, and knobbed round the apex. Skin yellowish green, covered with dull red next the sun. Eye large and open. Stalk very short. Flesh greenish white, crisp, juicy, sugary, with an aromatic flavour. A first-rate dessert apple. November to May.

Stagg's Nonpareil. See Early Nonpareil.

Stamford Pippin, d.k.—Large, roundish, inclining to ovate. Skin yellow, with a slight tinge of orange on one side. Eye small and half open. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, firm, but quite tender, crisp, and very juicy, with a sweet, brisk flavour, and pleasant aroma. December to March.

Stettin Pippin. See Dutch Mignonne.

Striped Beefing, k.—Large, roundish, and somewhat flattened. Skin green, changing to greenish yellow, and almost entirely covered with broken streaks and patches of red. Eye large and open. Stalk rather short, deeply inserted. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy, and pleasantly acid. A very fine culinary apple. In use from October to May.

Striped Holland Pippin. See Lincolnshire Holland Pippin.

Striped Joanneting. See Margaret.

Striped Quarrenden. See Margaret.

Sturmer Pippin, d.—Medium sized, roundish, and flattened. Skin yellowish green, and brownish red next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk long and straight. Flesh yellow, firm, brisk, sugary, and richly flavoured, January to June.

Sudlow's Fall. See Franklin's Golden Pippin.

Sugarloaf Pippin, k.—Medium sized, oblong. Skin fine light yellow, dotted with green; becoming almost white when fully ripe. Eye small. Stalk long. Flesh whitish, firm, crisp, and very juicy, with a pleasant, sweet, and sub-acid flavour Ripe in August.

Summer Golden Pippin, d. — Below medium size, ovate, and flattened at the ends. Skin pale yellow in the shade, tinged with orange and brownish red next the sun. Eye open. Stalk thick and short. Flesh yellowish, firm, very juicy, with a rich vinous and sugary flavour. A delicious, early dessert apple. End of August.

Summer Nonpareil. See Early Nonpariel.

Summer Pearmain, d. (Autumn Pearmain).—Medium sized, conical. Skin rich yellow, thickly dotted with brown dots in the shade, and striped and mottled with orange and bright red next the sun. Eye small. Stalk short, fleshy at the base, at its union with the fruit. Flesh yel-lowish white, crisp, and richly perfumed. October to January.

Summer Strawberry, d.—Below medium size, oblate, even, and regularly formed. Skin smooth and shining, striped all over with yellow and red stripes. Eye not at all depressed, surrounded with prominent plaits. Stalk three quarters of an inch long. Flesh white, tender, juicy, briskly and pleasantly flavoured. September.

Sweeny Nonpareil, k.—Above medium size, roundish-ovate. Skin bright green and russety, sometimes with a tinge of brown next the sun. Eye small and half open. Stalk long. Flesh greenish white, firm, crisp, and powerfully acid. An excellent sauce apple. January to April.

Sykehouse Russet, d.—Small, roundish, compressed. Skin greenish yellow and russety in the shade, brownish red next the sun. Eye open, deeply sunk. Flesh greenish yellow, and richly flavoured. An excellent apple, and deserves general cultivation. November to February.