Aiga Passera. See Black Corinth.

Aleppo (Striped Muscadine; Variegated Chasselas; Chasselas Panache; Morillon Panache; Raisin d'Alep; Raisin Suisse).—Bunches medium sized, loose, and not shouldered. Berries medium sized, round, of various colours, some being black, others white or red, while some are striped with black, or red and white; sometimes a bunch will be half white and half black; and others are wholly white or wholly black. The flesh is inferior in flavour. The vine succeeds in a warm vinery, but requires the hothouse to bring it to perfection. The leaves are striped with green, red, and yellow.

Alexandrian Ciotat.—Bunches large, long, and loose, with narrow shoulders. Berries oval. Skin thin, pale yellow, but becoming of an amber colour as the fruit are highly ripened, and covered with numerous russety dots. Flesh firm and breaking, juicy, and well flavoured. Ripens with the heat of a vinery. A good bearer, but the bunches set badly.

Alexandrian Frontignan. See Muscat of Alexandria.

Alicante.—This is a name given to several varieties of grapes in the south of France and in the Peninsula, but is not applicable to any variety in particular. In the department of Gard, it is applied to Gromier du Cantal. In Andalusia it is the same as the Tintilla and Tinto of the same vineyards, the Mourvede of Provence, and Mataro of the Eastern Pyrennees. Then the Alicante of Bouches-des-Rhone vineyards is the Granaxa of Arra-gon, and Granache of Eastern Pyrennees; while, in the neighbourhood of Alicante, the name is given to two or three different sorts. In Great Britain, Black Prince and Black St. Peter's are sometimes called Alicante; but a distinct variety from all the above, being sent to me simply under the name of Alicante, I have, to distinguish it, called it Kempsey Alicante, which see.

Alicantweine. See Black Prince.

Amber Muscadine. See Royal Muscadine,

Ansley's Large Oval. See Morocco.

Arkansas. See Catawba.

D'Arboyce. See Royal Muscadine.

August Muscat (Muscat d'Aout).—Berries medium sized, round, inclining to oval. Skin deep purple. Flesh very rich and juicy, with a slight Muscat aroma. An early grape, ripening about the end of August. The vine forms a dwarf bush, and on that account is well adapted for pot culture, but it is a delicate grower. It ripens against a wall.

August Traube. See Black July,

Auvergne. See Black Cluster.

Auvernat. See Black Cluster.