Kempsey Alicante.—Bunches six to eight inches long, not shouldered, and rather thickly set. Berries very large, from an inch to an inch and a quarter long, and three quarters to an inch wide; oval. Skin thick and tough, of a deep blue-black colour at the apex when ripe, but towards the stalk of a greenish-yelloy, mottled with dark purple. Flesh greenish, firm, sweet, and with a fine aroma when fully ripe. Seeds generally one or two only, but sometimes four.

The berries, in size and colour, are more like plums. The vine is a free grower, a good bearer, and requires a high temperature to ripen the fruit thoroughly. The foliage when young is very thin and tender, and covered with a delicate down. This is a very late grape, being fully three weeks or a month later than any other variety; still it forces well, and may also be grown in pots. It will hang till May.

Knevett's Black Hamburgh. See Black Hamburgh.

Krach Gutedel. See Early Chasselas.

Laan Hatif. See Scotch White Cluster.

Lady Downe's Seedling.—Bunches shouldered, eight to ten inches long, and rather loose. Berries above medium size, ten-twelfths of an inch long and nine-twelfths wide; oval. Skin rather thick, tough, and membraneous, reddish-purple at first, but becoming quite black when fully coloured, and covered with a delicate bloom. Flesh dull opaline white, firm, sweet, and richly flavoured, with a faint trace of Muscat flavour, but not so much as to include it among Muscats. Seeds generally in pairs.

This is a very valuable grape, and may be ripened with the heat of an ordinary vinery. It forces well, and will hang till the month of March without shrivelling or discoloration of either berries or stalks. The vine is a vigorous grower and an abundant bearer, seldom pro-ducing less than three bunches on each shoot. I have seen bunches of this grape ripened in August, hang till March, and preserve all their freshness even at that late season, when the berries were plump and delicious.

Lashmar's Seedling. See St. Johns.

Lebanon Seedling. See Catawba.

Lombardy (Flame-coloured Tokay; Red Rhenish; Red Taurida; Wantage).—Bunches very large, shouldered, closely set, and handsome; sometimes weighing from six to seven pounds. Berries large and round, inclining to oval. Skin pale red or flame coloured. Flesh firm, sweet, and well flavoured, but only second-rate.

This requires a high temperature to ripen it. The vine is a very strong grower, and requires a great deal of room; but it is a good bearer. The only recommendation to this variety is the great size of the bunches and beauty of the fruit.