The following group of plants are those adapted for window boxes in varying exposures of sunlight. These plants should not be placed in window boxes which cannot be thoroughly drained unless great care is exercised in watering; otherwise the soil will become sour and the plants will be "drowned out." a. South or west exposure:

Ageratum houstonianum (dwarf)

Floss Flower Antirrhinum (intermediate or dwarf)


Codiaeum (in variety)

Croton Dracaena indivisa

Dracena Geranium S. H. Nutt

Cardinal Geranium Geranium Bruant

Scarlet Geranium

Geranium Beaute Poitevine Salmon Double Geranium

Hedera helix English Ivy

Heliotropium peruvianum

Heliotrope Lobelia

Annual Lobelia

Maurandia (in variety) Maurandy Vine

Nepeta glechoma Ground Ivy

Pelargonium peltatum Ivy-leaved Geranium

Phlox drummondi Drummond's Phlox

Swainsona galegifolia Swainsonia b. East exposure:

Antirrhinum (dwarf or intermediate) Snapdragon

Begonia (tuberous-tooted) Tuberous Begonia

Dracaena indivisa Dracena

Ferns Many varieties

Heliotropium peruvianum

Heliotrope Linaria cymbalaria

Kenilworth Ivy Pelargonium peltatum Chas. Turnei

Ivy-leaved Geranium

Petunia hybridd

Petunia Solanum jasminoides

Jerusalem Cherry Vine

Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium

Vinca major (variegated) Trailing Vinca c. North exposure:

Ageratum houstonianum (dwarf) Floss Flower

Asparagus sprengeri Asparagus Fern

Caladium (small leaf varieties)

Elephant's Ear Fern

Boston Fern

Fuchsia (in variety) Trailing Fuchsia

Ipomoea (in variety) Morning Glory

Nepeta glechoma Ground Ivy

Petunia hybrida Petunia

Vinca major (variegated) Trailing Vinca