In every city district the occupants of some homes desire shrubs in connection with their yards, which give a touch of nature to their places. The shrubs in this group have proven the most hardy under adverse city conditions and should be used as a basis for selecting types.

Aralia spinosa

Hercules' Club Berberis thunbergi

Thunberg's Japanese Barberry

Cornus (in variety) Dogwood

Evonymus americanus

Strawberry Bush Forsythia (in variety)

Golden Bell

Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon

Ligustrum (in variety) Privet

Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark

Rhamnus (in variety) Buckthorn

Spiraea (in variety)

Spirea Symphoricarpos (in variety)

Snowberry Syringa vulgaris

Common Lilac

Viburnum (in variety) Viburnum