This group contains a few types which should be consistently avoided in the development of a small, formal flower garden, where refinement of detail is the main requirement. These plants, when not given careful attention, such as staking and constant cutting back, will produce a loose, ragged effect and will crowd out many of the small types of perennials which are admirably adapted for use in small formal flower gardens.

Achillea ptarmica flore pleno Double Tansy

Aconitum wilsoni Wilson's Monkshood

Althaea rosea Hollyhock

Arundo donax Giant Reed

Aster (in variety) Hardy Aster

Astilbe grandis

Large-flowered Astilbe Bocconia cordata

Plume Poppy

Boltonia asteroides Aster-like Boltonia

Eupatorium (in variety)

White Snakeroot Filipendula camtschatica

Siberian Goat's Beard

Helenium autumnale superbum Tall Sneezeweed

Helianthus (in variety) Hardy Sun-flower

Hibiscus moscheutos

Swamp Mallow Liatris pycnostachya

Blazing Star

Lythrum salicaria roseum Pink Loose-strife

Miscanthus (in variety) Plume Grass

Physostegia virginiana False Dragon Head

Polygonum sachalinense Knotweed

Rudbeckia laciniata Golden Glow

Rudbeckia maxima Cone-flower

Solidago (in variety) Goldenrod

Stenanthium robustum Mountain Feather Fleece

F. Perennials to Supply "Perpetual Bloom." This group of perennials will prove helpful in providing continuous bloom throughout the season. Most of these plants are the well-known, thoroughly tested kinds which will grow in any average garden soil and will combine well in their colour effects and habits of growth. By a lover of flowers, who has acquired expert knowledge of flowers, many similar groupings can be formed.

Anemone japonica Japanese Windflower

Aquilegia hybrida Columbine

Aster (in variety) Hardy Aster

Boltonia asteroides Aster-like Boltonia

Chrysanthemum (in variety) Hardy Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum shasta daisy

Shasta Daisy Delphinium belladonna

Everblooming Larkspur Dicentra spectabilis

Bleeding Heart

Gaillardia aristata

Blanket Flower Helleborus niger

Christmas Rose

Hemerocallis (in variety) Day Lily

Iris germanica German Iris

Iris kaempferi Japanese Iris

Paeonia albiflora sinensis Chinese Peony

Phlox paniculata Garden Phlox

Rudbeckia maxima Cone-flower

Viola cornuta hybrida Horned Violet