The group of trees (a) given as entirely hardy is interesting for the following reasons: The American linden, here substituted for the European linden - which is of doubtful hardiness - is not ordinarily used elsewhere on account of dropping its leaves in late summer when used as a city street tree. The hackberry, while a native of the major part of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, does not succeed well enough outside of the northwestern portion of its range to enable listing it elsewhere as a street tree. Its natural habitat is rich, moist soil. The white ash is a handsome ornamental tree native of the eastern United States and not nearly often enough used as a street tree.

a. Entirely hardy under all conditions:

Acer saceharum Sugar Maple

Celtis occidentalis Nettle Tree

Fraxinus americana White Ash

Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak

Quercus rubra Red Oak

Tilia americana American Linden

Ulmus americana American Elm b. Which should be selected with a thorough knowledge of the conditions under which they are to be used:

Acer saccharinum Soft Maple

Acer platanoides Norway Maple

Betula papyri/era Paper Birch

Populus eugenei

Carolina Poplar Pyrus ioensis

Western Crab

Sorbus americana American Mountain Ash