The following plants bear fruit which makes them useful for ornamental planting. The group comprises mainly those species which are better adapted to southern conditions.

Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree

Ardisia crenulata

Scallop-leaved Ardisia

Aucuba japonica Japanese Laurel

Callicarpa americana Beauty Fruit

Celastrus (in variety) Bitter-sweet

Cleyera japonica Himalayan Cleyera

Coriaria japonica Japanese Coriaria

Cornus florida

Flowering Dogwood

Cotoneaster (in variety)

Rose Box Cotoneaster francheti

Franchet's Rose Box Cotoneaster frigida

Rose Box Cotoneaster horizontalis

Prostrate Cotoneaster Cotoneaster microphylla

Small-leaved Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster simonsi Himalayan Rose Box

Crataegus collina Round-fruited Thorn

Crataegus vailae Vail's Haw

Diospyros virginiana Persimmon

Diospyros kaki Persimmon

Elaeagnus multiflora Gumi

Elaeagnus pungens maculata Yellow-spotted Oleaster

Evonymus bungeanus Bunge's Spindle Tree

Ilex (in variety)

Holly Lonicera (in variety)

Bush Honeysuckle Magnolia grandifiora

Magnolia Magnolia hypoleuca

Chinese Purple Magnolia Magnolia tripetala

Umbrella Tree

Nandina domestica Japanese Nandina

Pyracantha coccinea lalandi Evergreen Thorn

Rosa (in variety)

Native Rose Taxus baccata

English Yew