The following group contains interesting combinations of perennials which, if planted together, will produce in each case a pleasing colour effect. The perennial garden is valuable for two effects: either for a succession of bloom, or for interesting colour combinations of those flowers which bloom at the same time. The following is an endeavour to provide such combinations:*

1. Rosa foetida harisoni and Aquilegia caerulea, blue.

2. Heuchera sanguinea, coral; Aquilegia caerulea, blue; Iris germanica Kharput, purple.

3. Paeonia festiva maxima, white; Dianthus latifolius atrococcineus, crimson; Paeonia, pink (in variety); Clematis recta, white (as background) and Dianthus bar-batus, variety "Newport", pink.

4. Iris pallida dalmatica, lavender; and Thermopsis caroliniana, yellow.

5. Cerastium tomentosum, white; Linum perenne, blue.

6. Phlox Miss Lingard, white; and Campanula persicifolia caerulea, blue.

7. Phlox Miss Lingard, white; Aquilegia chrysantka, yellow; and Heuchera sanguinea, coral.

8. Hemerocallis flava, or Anthemis tinctoria kelzvayi, yellow; with Delphinium formosum or Baptisia australis, blue; or Iris Celeste, blue.

9. Hemerocallis fulva, orange with Clematis recta, white.

10. Coreopsis lanceolata, or Thermopsis caroliniana, yellow; with Delphinium in deep blue shades.

11. Chrysanthemum shasta daisy, white; Anthemis tinctoria kelwayi, yellow; and

Delphinium belladonna, blue.

12. Delphinium belladonna or hybrids, blue; and Lilium candidum, white.

13. Anchusa italic a, blue; and Anthemis tinctoria kelwayi, yellow.

14. Chrysanthemum shasta daisy, white; and Iris kaempferi in purple shades, or

Dianthus Napoleon III, crimson.

15. Monarda didyma Cambridge, scarlet; and Phlox paniculata, white.

16. Phlox paniculata, pink; Lilium speciosum, white; and Veronica longifolia subsessilis, violet.

17. Thalictrum dipterocarpum, blue; Veronica longifolia subsessilis, violet; and Anemone japonica, white.

*For common names refer to index and page references.

18. Veronica spicata, blue; and Oenothera missouriensis, yellow.

19. Eupatorium ageratoides, white; and Helenium Riverton Beauty, yellow and black.

20. Eupatorium ageratoides, white; and Chrysanthemum, Glory of Seven Oaks, yellow.

21. Buddleia (in variety), lilac, lavender, violet, purple; and Anemone japonic a, white or pink.

22. Anemone japonica, white and pink; and Aconitum autumnale, blue.

23. Aster Climax, blue; and Helenium Riverton Beauty, yellow and black.