The perennial cut-flower garden should provide an abundance of cut flowers. Most of the perennials in this group will provide flowers which can be cut for house use and which have lasting qualities. There are many perennials which do not produce masses of flowers of sufficient substance to be effective when cut for house use.

Achillea boule de neige

Ball of Snow Anemone japonica

Japanese Windflower Aquilegia (long-spurred hybrids)

Columbine Aster novae-angliae Climax

Blue Hardy Aster

Astilbe japonica Japanese Astilbe

Boltonia asteroides Aster-like Boltonia

Centaurea montana Mountain Bluet

Chrysanthemum (in variety) Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum shasta daisy

Shasta Daisy Convallaria majalis


Coreopsis lanceolata Lance-leaved Tickseed

Delphinium (in variety) Larkspur

Dianthus barbatus Sweet William

Digitalis (in variety) Foxglove

Eupatorium coelestinum Mist Flower

Gaillardia aristata Blanket Flower

Gypsophila paniculata Baby's Breath

Helianthus (in variety) Hardy Sun-flower

Heuchera sanguinea Coral-bells

Iris germanica

German Iris Iris kaempferi

Japanese Iris Kniphofia uvaria

Red-hot Poker Plant

Paeonia (in variety) Peony

Physostegia virginiana False Dragonhead

Phlox paniculata Garden Phlox

Primula (in variety)

Primrose Pyrethrum roseum

Painted Daisy

Rudbeckia (in variety) Cone-flower

Scabiosa caucasica Mourning Bride

Stokesia cyanea Stokes' Aster

Veronica (in variety) Speedwell