There are certain plants generally known as perennials which will "run out" in the average garden after a period of two to three years. They may still continue to grow, but after the first two years they are much less vigorous. The plants in this group should be planted with the idea that at the end of two years the old plants will be removed and new ones put into their places.

Antirrhinum majus

Snapdragon Bellis perennis

English Daisy Campanula medium

Canterbury Bells Campanula pyramidalis

Chimney Bell-flower Dianthus barbatus

Sweet William Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove Glaucium luteum

Yellow Horned Poppy

Hedysarum coronarium

French Honeysuckle Lunaria annua

Honesty Lychnis alba

White Pink Lychnis coronaria

Mullein Pink Lychnis dioica

Red Campion Viola cornuta

Tufted Pansy Viola tricolor