This group contains only the standard types and varieties of bulbs from which to select material for the average planting. There are hundreds of varieties of bulbs which may be used with more or less success; but this list is intended to be merely a safe guide to the beginner.

Chionodoxa luciliae Glory-of-the-Snow

Crocus (fall blooming) Crocus

Crocus (spring blooming) Crocus

Galanthus elwesi Giant Snowdrop

Hyacinthus (in variety) Hyacinth

Muscari botryoides Grape Hyacinth

Narcissus (double) Narcissus

Narcissus barri

Short Cup or Trumpet Daffodil Narcissus incomparabilis

Medium Trumpet Daffodil

Narcissus leedsi White Daffodil

Narcissus poeticus Poet's Narcissus

Narcissus Trumpet major Long Trumpet Daffodil

Scilla sibirica Siberian Squill

Tulipa (in variety) Tulip