This group of plants is adapted for locations where the soil conditions are apt to be continually moist. There are some perennials which will not thrive and will rot where the ground is continually moist. It is therefore desirable to have a group from which to select plants when these exceptional conditions of soil or drainage are encountered.

Achillea tomentosa Yellow Milfoil

Ajuga reptans Bugle

Alyssum saxatile compactum Golden Tuft

Arabis alpina Alpine Rock Cress

Armeria maritima

Sea Thrift Asperula odorata

Sweet Woodruff

Bellis perennis English Daisy

Campanula carpatica Carpathian Harebell

Daphne cneorum Garland Flower

Epigaea repens Trailing Arbutus

Erica Heath

Evonymus radicans Climbing Evonymus

Evonymus radicans acutus

Hybrid Japanese Evergreen Ivy

Evonymus radicans vegetus

Scarlet-fruited Japanese Evergreen Ivy

Festuca glauca Blue Fescue Grass

Funkia (in variety) Plaintain Lily

Helleborus niger

Christmas Rose Herniaria glabra


Iberis sempervirens Evergreen Candytuft

Iris florentina Orris Root

Lysimachia nummularia

Moneywort Myosotis palustris


Nepeta glechoma Ground Ivy

Phlox stolonifera Creeping Phlox

Phlox subulata (in variety) Moss Pink

Potentilla fruticosa

Shrubby Cinquefoil Saponaria ocymoides

Rock Soapwort Stellaria holostea


Thymus serpyllum lanuginosus Downy Thyme

Veronica repens

Creeping Speedwell Vinca minor


Viola cornuta Tufted Pansy

Viola tricolor Pansy