Good Herbaceous Paeonies

Agnes Mary Kelway, rose and yellow.

Alexandre Dumas, rose and cream.

Blushing Maid, pale pink.

Ceres, cerise.

Crown Prince, crimson.

Exquisite, pink.

Franšois Ortigat, purple.

Princess May, cream.

Rose d'Amour, flesh.

Ruby Queen, red.

Sir Henry Irving, rose.

The Bride, white (single).

The Sultan, maroon.

Good Tree Paeonies

Beauty, rosy lilac.

Captain Lambton, white.

Don Quixote, lilac.

Elizabeth, puce.

General Baden-Powell, red.

Grand Duke, flesh.

Henry Irving, dark crimson.

James Kelway, rosy carmine.

Jean de ReszkÚ, white.

Lady Sarah Wilson, blush.

Lord Roberts, white, flesh tinted.

Snowflake, white.

A species of Paeony which has aroused a certain amount of special interest is Wittmanniana, the yellow Paeony. It is rather cream than yellow, but the stamens are yellow, and it is a distinct plant.