String beans (snap) are shipped either in 1/2-bushel or barrel-high Delaware baskets.

Beets are usually pulled when 2 or 21/2 inches in diameter and tied in bunches of 3 to 6 beets and packed in 60-quart berry crates, ventilated barrels, or barrel-high Delaware baskets, depending on the market to which they are consigned.

Water-cress is either marketed in bunches or in bulk in iced barrels, or in iced barrel-high Delaware baskets.

Cucumbers are marketed from the trucking region either in ventilated barrels, barrel-high, or 1/2-bushel Delaware baskets; and in the pickle-growing districts they are marketed in bulk by the hundredweight.

Lettuce from the truck-farming districts is marketed in either 1/2-bushel or barrel-high, Delaware baskets or in ventilated barrels. The barrel package is not, however, generally used.

Spinach is almost universally marketed from the truck-farming sections in ventilated barrels. A small quantity is received in barrel-high Delaware baskets.

Okra is marketed either in 6-basket carriers or in a special flat carrier without baskets, in which the pods are carefully arranged one layer wide. These packages are usually about 2 feet long.