Green peppers are almost universally marketed in 6-basket carriers.

Radishes are tied in bunches and packed in 1-bushel or barrel-high Delaware baskets, as a rule. A few are marketed in ventilated barrels.

Strawberries are offered in quart cups, either in 60-quart crates from the Carolina and Norfolk region, or in 24- or 32-quart crates from other regions, the 32-quart being more universally used than any other.


The truck barrel is 28 inches high and has 16-inch heads.

The eggplant and squash crate has a head 11 in. X 14 in., and is 24 inches long.

The half-barrel basket commonly used in the Norfolk region is 20 inches high, 91/2 inches at the bottom and 17 inches at the top.

The asparagus-box has heads 10 in. high, 15 inches at the top and 17 inches at the bottom, and slats 26 inches long, outside measure, making it 10 in. X 15 in. X 17 in. X 24 in. inside.

The one-half barrel lettuce basket, called the " Delaware barrel-high basket," is 16 inches inside diameter at the top, 9 inches inside diameter at the bottom, and 27 inches high.

The cabbage crate which comes from Norfolk is 111/2 in. X18 in. on the heads, and is 36 inches long with a partition in the middle.

The three-peck basket which is used early in the season for shipping peas, beans, cucumbers, and crookneck squashes is 20 inches high, 14 inches inside measure at the top, and 81/2 inches inside measure at the bottom.

The flat onion crate with partition in the center has 16 in. X 7 in. heads, and is 24 inches long.