1.  Waxed bandage. Waxed bandages are very useful for covering wounds where the bark has been broken or injured. They are prepared as follows.

Old cloth is torn into strips of the desired width and the strips wound into balls, or bandage cloth (not gauze) may be used. These balls are placed in the kettle of melted resin wax. In a few minutes they will be thoroughly saturated, when they should be removed and allowed to drain and dry.

2.  Waxed string for root-grafting. Into a kettle of melted resin wax place balls of No. 18 knitting cotton. Turn the balls frequently, and in a few minutes they will be thoroughly saturated. Remove from

2l the kettle and allow to drain and dry, after which they may be put away for future use.

This material is strong enough and at the same time breaks so easily that it does not injure the hands. When the string is used, it sticks without tying.