Common resin and beeswax waxes.

1.  A standard and reliable wax is as follows : —

Resin, 4 parts by weight.

Beeswax, 2 parts by weight.

Tallow (rendered), 1 part by weight. Melt all the ingredients together, exercising care to avoid boiling. Pour the hot liquid quickly into a pail of cold water. With greased hands flatten the spongy mass beneath the water so that it cools uniformly. Permit it to get cold and tough, but not brittle. Remove from the water and pull until ductile and fine in grain. Lumps in wax are common, and are due to improper handling. If too lumpy, remelt and pull again. Make into balls or small skeins and put away in a cool place. When wanted soften with heat of hand or in hot water. It can be kept for years. One of the best waxes, either for indoor or outdoor use.

For general purposes the above formula gives a wax of the proper consistency. The ingredients may be varied, however, for special purposes. If a softer wax is desired, more tallow in proportion should be added. The addition of more beeswax makes the wax tougher. By thus changing the amount of the different ingredients a wax for almost any purpose can be secured.

2.  The following wax, which is slightly softer, may be applied more conveniently in cold weather : —

Resin, 4 parts by weight. Beeswax, 2 parts by weight. Linseed oil, 1 pint.

Grafting- Waxes

Melt all together gradually, turn into cold water and work as above. On account of the impurities contained in linseed oil, its use is not recommended for grafting wax. In general the tallow is to be preferred.

Alcoholic wax.

The alcoholic or liquid wax is a thick paste. It is useful for work in winter when the resin wax can not be applied ; and also for covering the wounds where bark has been injured or removed, and for bridge grafts. Lefort's liquid wax:

White resin, 1 pound.

Beef tallow, 1 ounce.

Turpentine, 1 tablespoonful.

Alcohol, 5 ounces. Melt the resin slowly. When hot, add the beef tallow. Remove from the fire and add slowly, stirring constantly, the turpentine and alcohol. Keep in closed bottles or cans. Use a brush or swab to apply.

Pitch wax.

Some of the French authors recommend the following : — Two pounds 12 ounces of resin and 1 pound 11 ounces of Burgundy pitch. At the same time melt 9 ounces of tallow ; pour the latter into the former, while both are hot, and stir the mixture thoroughly. Then add 18 ounces of red ocher, dropping it in gradually and stirring the mixture at the same time.